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Tequila and Alcohol Ring code
You can choose from three different formats to include in your page. You can change from one format to another anytime you wish. To insert the code into your page, just copy and paste the code into your html file where you want the ring to appear. Novice users, if you need help doing this, go to the help page. Advanced users, you may alter the html code anyway you wish, just be sure to include:
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After you paste the code, change the bold text to your specific information. The site ID is the number you received when you submitted your site to the ring. The only other thing to add is your name or nickname, and your email address. If you run into any problems, or have any further questions, email me. Thanks for joining, good luck, and have fun. Tequila Monster
Table Code Example
  This Tequila and Alcohol Ring site is owned by  

Want to join the Tequila and Alcohol Ring

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<tt>Here is the code for the

<!-- Example code in table form -->
<FONT Size=2>
<a href="ring.html" target="_top">
<img src="ringlogo.jpg" align="left" WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=80></a>
<a href=";id=<B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b>;next" target="_top">
<img src="ringlogo.jpg" align="right" WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=80></a>
This <a href="ring.html" target="_top"> Tequila and Alcohol</a> site is owned by <BR>
<a href="mailto:<B><FONT SIZE=+1>SITE_OWNER_EMAIL</FONT></b>"><FONT SIZE="2"><B><FONT SIZE=+1>Your_Name_Here</FONT></b></FONT></a>.
Want to join the <A HREF="ring.html" target="_top">Tequila and Alcohol Ring</A>?</FONT>
<FONT Size=3>
[<a href=";id=<B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b>;sprev" target="_top">Skip Prev</a>]
[<a href=";id=<B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b>;prev" target="_top">Prev</a>]
[<a href=";id=<B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b>;next" target="_top">Next</a>]
[<a href=";id=<B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b>;skip" target="_top">Skip Next</a>]
[<a href=";ring=tequilaring" target="_top">Random</a>]
[<a href=";id=<B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b>;next5" target="_top">Next 5</a>]
[<a href=";list" target="_top">List Sites</a>]

<!--STOP TABLE CUT HERE--></pre>

Standard Code Example

  This Tequila and Alcohol Ring site is owned by Your_Name_Here
Want to join the Tequila and Alcohol Ring?
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<P><B><FONT SIZE=+1>Here is the code for the standard:</FONT></b>

<!-- Example code in standard form -->
<FONT Size=3>
<a href="ring.html" target="_top">
<img src="ringlogo.jpg<FONT SIZE=+0>" align="left" WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=80></a>
<a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;next" target="_top">
<img src="ringlogo.jpg<FONT SIZE=+0>" align="right" WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=80></a>
This <a href="ring.html" target="_top"> Tequila and Alcohol Ring</a> site is owned by
<a href="mailto:</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>SITE_OWNER_EMAIL</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>"><FONT SIZE="2"></FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>Your_Name_Here</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0></FONT></a>.
Want to join the <A HREF="ring.html" target="_top">Tequila and Alcohol Ring</A>?</FONT>
<FONT Size=3>
[<a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;sprev" target="_top">Skip Prev</a>]
[<a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;prev" target="_top">Prev</a>]
[<a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;next" target="_top">Next</a>]
[<a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;skip" target="_top">Skip Next</a>]
[<a href=";ring=tequilaring" target="_top">Random</a>]
[<a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;next5" target="_top">Next 5</a>]
[<a href=";list" target="_top">List Sites</a>]

JavaScript Code Example

Member of the YOUR RING NAME 
Generate more traffic!


Here is the code for the JavaScript, thanks to the Java Script Ringmaster:

One thing you need to remember about java script code. It needs to be in a specific format. By this I mean that the way that it is displayed here is the EXACT way that it needs to stay. It is like lines of program code. Get it out of line or sequence and you will get java errors when you try to load the page. The best way to keep this from happening is to turn "word wrap" off.
<tt><FONT SIZE=+0><!--  JavaScript Code Example Start  -->

<table border=0><caption><font size=1>
<a href="ring.html">Member of the Tequila and Alcohol Ring</a>

<tr><td><a href="ring.html" target="_top" target="_top">
<img src="</FONT>ringlogo.jpg<FONT SIZE=+0>.jpg" alt="Generate more traffic!" width=200 height=128></a></td>

<script language="JavaScript">

<!-- Hide this from older browsers
function gotoPage (form) {
if (form.way.selectedIndex == 0)
parent.location=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;next";
if (form.way.selectedIndex == 1)
parent.location=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;skip";
if (form.way.selectedIndex == 2)
parent.location=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;next5";
if (form.way.selectedIndex == 3)
parent.location=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;prev";
if (form.way.selectedIndex == 4)
parent.location=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;sprev";
if (form.way.selectedIndex == 5)
parent.location=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;random";
document.write('<td valign="middle"><form name="JSWR">');
document.write('<input type="button" value="Go !!!" onClick="gotoPage(this.form)"><br>');
document.write('<select name="way">');
document.write('<option checked>Next site');
document.write('<option>Skip next site');
document.write('<option>Next 5 sites');
document.write('<option>Previous site');
document.write('<option>Back 2 sites');
document.write('<option>Random site');
// End hide -->


<td valign="middle"><font size="2"><ul>
<li><a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;next" TARGET="_top">Next site</a>
<li><a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;skip" TARGET="_top">Skip next site</a>
<li><a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;next5" TARGET="_top">Next 5 sites</a>
<li><a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;prev" TARGET="_top">Previous site</a>
<li><a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;sprev" TARGET="_top">Back 2 sites</a>
<li><a href=";id=</FONT><B><FONT SIZE=+1>_SITE_ID_HERE_</FONT></b><FONT SIZE=+0>;random" TARGET="_top">Random site</a>


<!--  JavaScript Code Example Stop  --></FONT></PRE>